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Welcome the spring season by gardening with your kids

BEIRUTMarch 28, 2017

Nowadays, with the hectic life we live in, as parents, we barely have time to spend beautiful moments with our kids or take them out for outdoor activities. After their homework, all you think about is relaxing in your room. However, quality time with your children is very essential to them, of course there is no need to remind you of that. That’s why we thought of a special and fun activity, with the beginning of the Spring season, that can be beneficial to the whole family: Gardening! Did you know that it has amazing developmental benefits for kids?

Don’t let the idea overwhelm you. Gardening doesn’t require a large or sunny backyard. Planting can be done in small containers and soil to grow edibles in existing landscaping, in a sunny spot. This activity will not only affect your child physically but will also create an amazing family bond.

Family bonding

Communication is enhanced with this fun activity. Children will no longer need their electronic games to have some good times alone. Happy and funny moments while gardening will make them crave for these kinds of activities with their parents. Kids and parents can decide together what flowers and vegetables to plant and where to plant them. Then, they will reap the fruits of their efforts to make meals using the vegetables they have grown.

Physical benefits

The act of gardening itself leads to a healthy body. Kids LOVE to get their hands in the dirt while enjoying the sunshine. Moving soil, carrying watering can, digging in the mud can promote motor skills and overall strength for a more fit body. Plus, these activities are known to help kids stay calm and focused.

Teaches Patience and Responsibility

Planting the seeds and watching them grow give kids a sense of purpose and responsibility. Making sure that the plants get enough water and sun boosts mindfulness. The concepts learned while gardening, like the effect of plants on human beings, or using gathered rainwater, can show kids the importance of respecting and taking care of our planet. It is essential for kids to know what patience is. They are used to immediate gratification; however, gardening is a slow process. Therefore, they learn to be patient when waiting for their flowers and vegetables to grow. The waiting makes the moment the flower or vegetable sprouts even more exciting!

At the end of the day, you will be proud of yourself, for achieving such a great connection with them. They will be asking for more similar moments instead of playing on their electronic tablets, and this itself is an accomplishment!