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Wander the city streets: Dare to walk through the crowd

BEIRUTNovember 13, 2017

Any walk is great because the key is you're on your feet and moving!

As we near the end of the fall season, some of you may already be running out of things to do to keep the kids busy.

The best idea is right there in front you so stop the excuses and get right to it!

A city walk can be as simple as stepping outside your front door and taking in the sights and sounds of your neighborhood. However, if you'd like to block out all the noises that come with a walk in your neighborhood or your city streets...just grab your iPod or MP3 player!

A city walk can be a great opportunity to explore the city streets around you, but may not have the time to notice. It's also a great way to meet your neighbors if they're out, or just explore what your neighbors have been up to! 

Aside from the physical benefits of walking, which we’ll get to in a minute, taking a stride down Ashrafieh’s neighborhoods is the best way to enjoy the weather while you still can! Hello, winter!

A little walk goes a long way: Did you know that taking a 15 min walk was shown to improve digestion and regulate your blood sugar? (Are you in your sweat pants yet? If not read on)

It’s good for your back and brain: A short walk can cure mental fatigue and improve memory. We often spend much of the day thinking and worrying. Taking a walk is a way to leave it all behind.

English wordsmith William Wordsworth is said to have spent much of his life on foot, walking. Henry David Thoreau often walked up to 20 miles at a time before he put pen to paper. In fact, there's a very long list of writers who considered walking part of their craft. If you're a creative type, the walking path might just lead to enlightenment.

It’s good for the community: Times may have changed, but there is still a need for that sense of community. Frequenting the neighborhood parks is a great way to do that.

It can be an adventure: Make a little scrapbook for your children. Every time you take a walk outside, let them draw a picture and write about it. They can even glue pictures you took while there.

Did we mention that it’s Free?