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Top 9 Travel Tips of 2017

January 28, 2017

A lot of us love travelling; all types of travelling. Some of us travel for leisure, culture, and luxurious tourism. And some other like more wild types of travel, so they travel to explore nature, and reach ends no one else ever did.

Whatever is your traveler type; we gathered for you the top 9 tips of expert wanderlust travelers from all over the world; to help you prepare and make the best out of your net trip:

1- Wake up early, to make up the best out of your day and explore the country, during different times of the day.

2- Always have extra cash, because well... you never know! Cash will always come handy, especially when carried under international currencies like the US dollar or the Euro.

3- Meet the locals! Nothing can relate a country more than its locals, so make sure you make friends with a few.

4- Observe the daily life. Sometimes, beauty and unforgettable memories reside in the smallest details.

5- Back everything up! You can never rely on your phone to keep your memories; so make sure you have everything on the cloud or an external hard drive.

6- Take funny pictures, and do not focus on posing. Years later, you will remember the funny moments, not the poses and flash smiles.

7- Eat local food! Because a culinary experience is one deep way to experience a country! Never eat in chain restaurants and international restaurant; but focus on local cuisine and local street food.

8- Don't plan too much! Over planned trips are often rushed and boring! Always give yourself the room to change plans, extend some plans and cancel others... After all, you're out to unwind and experience.

9-  Pack less! Especially if you are out to explore a country with an amazing nature. In effect, less is more in most cases; as you don't want to spend a lot of time worried about your belongings.