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Tis’ the Season to be Festive!

June 28, 2017

This summer cities all across Lebanon are hosting festivals that you shouldn’t miss! The festivities are being held all over Lebanon in cities like Baalbeck, Beitiddine, Beit Misk, Jounieh, Batroun, Beirut, Byblos, and many others.  The festivals feature different genres like concerts, food, games, art and much more.

You can start off with the Beirut Cultural Festivals that feature scenes in “Journey of Time” that talk about the story of Beirut throughout the ages. The festivals also include “Fantastic Village” which is a festival with games for kids and young adults, a zoo with a variety of animals, food, and live music by Arab talents.

If you head a bit up north, you can go to the Byblos Festival. The festival includes different concerts by international singers like Sean Paul and M Pokora. Continue up north and make it a plan to go to the Baalbeck International Festival.  The festival features different performances from Arabic singers to international singers and musicians. The festival also gives you the opportunity to mesmerize in the beauty of the location as you are being entertained.

If you happen to be a strong fan of music, then you must head to the Al Bustan Festival. The festival is a true celebration of music with opera singers, pianists, violinists, guitarists, and other musicians and singers from all over the world.

Beitiddine Art Festival is also one of the must-visit festivals. The festival doesn’t only give you the chance to enjoy the various performances the festival features, but also the architectural beauty of the Beitiddine Palace.

This next one is not a festival officially, but it can be considered a festival for your taste buds. Souk el Akel is on the road this summer, touring the Lebanese areas and cities. Make sure to check their next destination and head on up there. Enjoy some delicious food with your friends and family as you explore Lebanon.

It seems that wherever you go in Lebanon, there seems to be a festival at every turn. The best part is that they are distributed all throughout the summer so that if you miss one, you can just attend the next!