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Sunsets are Magical

beirutMarch 29, 2017

In the mountains, on the beach, from your balcony, on a yacht while anchoring, in front of a tent camping in the forest, sunsets are everywhere. Although it could be said that it is the same view every night, it surely is magical to everyone. Each sunset is unique and leaves a different impact on each one of us along with the visual effects that make sunsets so fantastic and spectacular to watch.

But why is the sunset so mesmerizing?

Sunsets are the end of something, with new possibilities coming soon. While watching the sun fading away in the sea you will think: “Tomorrow is a clean, new start…a chance for change, some hope of a little magic…”

When they captivate you, they can create a moment of meditation, calmness. They give you a time to breathe, let go, or even dream of the future while awake. Sometimes they bring out our memories or feelings of nostalgia, or perhaps feelings of love for nature and for those we cherish.

A sunset evening is not to be missed by anyone; in fact it can definitely be one of the best memories we carry along the years. Sunsets talk to us… they make us feel better.