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Stressed Much? 10 Tip To Fight Daily Stress

January 14, 2017

Stress today is the number one problem of most people, the one evil that keeps us from enjoying our daily life.

We know what stresses people the most: Financial concerns, extra pounds, day jobs, family problems, that last break up, a messed up relationship,  or even an overdue project.

More yet, knowing that you are stressed stresses you even more!

So take a moment, breathe in, and let's walk together through a few tips to reduce stress:

-Always give yourself the time to start your day slowly. 30 minutes less sleep is much less stressing than a rushed out morning routine. 

-Pratice at least one type of high intensity workout; these body-crushers are a great way to suck the stress out of you.

-Compartmentalize your life into sections; when in an event or with friends, thinking of work or studies is not allowed, and vice versa.

-Focus on finding one good or beautiful element in every situation you are in.

-Have some good music always handy wherever you are; your phone here might become your best friend.

-Eat right, and reduce your intake of caffeine!

-Drink plenty of water. Water, along with eating right will keep your energy levels high all day increasing efficiency and reducing stress.

-Disconnect sometimes. Try to find a couple of hours during your waking day, where you're not connected to any device.

-Travel. And when you do, disconnect as well

-Treat yourself to a spa session or a prolonged bubble bath at least once a week. Again, disconnect.