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Rationalizing Water Consumption! - The Guidelines

December 15, 2016

Water is the essence of life. It covers 70% of the planet. Yet, we are suffering from a water shortage, which is becoming more  alarming by the day.

Many people do not use water carefully, wasting large amounts of water through  inappropriate behaviors. Currently, many countries are educating their citizens on the importance of water and ways of rationalizing its use.

Since water sources are threatened, it is necessary to avoid waste  of water, excessive consumption  and pollution; through simple guidelines including the following:


Saving water inside the house: 

-Pay attention to the amount of water you use to make coffee, tea, or juice, in order to avoid the extra water waste.

-Take out frozen foods out of the freezer beforehand to give them time to melt, instead of using hot water in the process of melting.

-Wash vegetables and fruits in a basin instead of under running water.

-When washing the dishes manually, do not keep the tap open to rinse the dishes.

-When you use the dishwasher, operate it only when it is full.

-When washing clothes by hand, wash them in a basin rather than washing them under open water.

-The automatic washer consumes a large amount of water per program, so use it only for a large quantity of laundry.

-Close the water faucet while washing your face, brushing your teeth, or shaving.

-Shower instead of bathing, as often as possible; because filling the bathtub wastes huge amounts of water.

-Large quantities of water are wasted without necessity because of broken taps or leakage from them. Try to fix the broken or damaged taps and toilets, it is better to save your money than paying high water bills.


Saving water outside the house:

-Use a regular bucket to clean the windows, the hallways, the cars, and the parking lot; instead of using a water hose.

-It is recommended to water the plants and the garden in the evening after the sunset, or in the early morning, where there is less evaporation.

-You can reduce the consumption of water in the garden by planting plants that do not need a lot of irrigation. It is advised not to water the plants with plenty of water to avoid withering as well.

-Try to use alternative resources for irrigation of green areas, for this reduces costs and saves you money.

-If you have a swimming pool, do not overwhelm it with water so that water won’t be wasted.


Thank you for saving water! This will help us save the planet...