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A protected environment… A secured life

BEIRUTMay 11, 2017

The urge of living a life that is safeguarded and secure triumphs over all other objectives. We all want our family and loved ones to be shielded and preserved but are not so lucky while attempting to reach this goal due to various reasons. Confusion arises as to what causes the unsecure feeling, is it the community? Or the standard of living? The neighborhood or the current level of security? Whatever the reason maybe, ‘CIEL ET JARDIN’ has already accustomed to prove otherwise.

  • With a convenient location that provides maximum security, and a pleasantly well preserved and cared for community, a silent, peaceful and calm neighborhood – A protected environment and a secured life is guaranteed.
  • Minutes away from everything you could possibly need, in the heart of Beirut city with an ambience of a gracious and delightful village, CIEL ET JARDIN is equipped and furnished with all your desired services and household property.
  • Security guards available at your service and for your protection round the clock in addition to CCTV systems to increase security.
  • A health club to help you get in shape, clear your mind and revitalize you after a day’s work.
  • Private Chambers with sound proof enclosures to enhance your calmness and help you get away from all the external aggravating noises.
  • Constant supply of electricity and hot water to boost your peace of mind and harmonious lifestyle.
  • Dual heating systems to keep you cozy, comfy and warm through all weather conditions; In addition to cooling systems that can be activated at your convenience.
  • Foundation and construction designs that protect you against possible natural hazards and disasters like earthquakes and fire.
  • Comfortable parking spaces for you and extra cars in your household.
  • The most alluring and dazzling interior finishes made of the highest quality ceramic tiles and sensational designs.