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Pet-tastic Places in Ashrafieh!

BEIRUTJuly 28, 2017

Ashrafieh is one of the pet-friendliest neighborhoods in Lebanon. You and your pet will be well taken care of, if you decide to move to this lovely area; the places that offer pet services and products are plenty. Here are a few places that might come in handy as you look after your little companion(s).

The first question you will probably ask is where can I get food for my pet? Well, food for pets aren’t that hard to find. You can head to local supermarkets and find some easily. If you want specific pet shops to buy your pet’s food from, you can go to places like Puppy Care and Pet Mania where you will find what you are looking for.

Another important question you might ask is if there are any nearby vets in the area. Yes, there are. Your pet’s health will be well taken care of in places like Mamalia Veterinary Clinic, Le Veto, and Pet Palace. These clinics will make sure to tend to your pet’s well being.

Don’t even consider worrying about your pet’s hygiene and grooming needs! Your pet will be well taken care of with places like Petty Paws, Pet Mania, and The Pet Spa . You don’t have to stress anymore about washing your dog or cutting it’s hair, they will gladly do that for you. These places specialize in having your pet well groomed and pampered.

Pet Mania also offers services like training your pet, while Petty Paws has pet furniture and accessories that you might want to check out.

Now all that was said above is for you, if you already have a pet. If you happen to be pet-less and yet have the desire to have a new animal in your house then, places like Puppy Care, Pegasus Pet Shop, and Royal Paws are where you should be. These places have wide collections of furry friends and can help you find your next one!