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The Open Floor Plan Opens up to Smart Interior Design

February 25, 2017

One of the most brilliant designs and divisions for modern home interiors is the open floor plan. It is defined as opening the space between the kitchen and the living room partially or completely.

It caters for all tastes, lends a modern touch to any apartment, while expressing simplicity and sophistication. It uses every corner of the home, it simplifies the decoration to the maximum extent possible, and it eliminates barriers. Today, this new phenomenon has become more and more popular, and this solution fits not only smaller spaces but also large areas.

When  choosing this design, balance and harmony between the kitchen and the living room is primordial. They should complement each other in design, while offering consistency and great comfort.

The selection of colors and furniture of the open kitchen and living room requires consistency, to form one unit which contributes to increasing the perception of space. The open floor plan is an ideal solution, that will solve problems of narrow areas, and contributes to a feel of open space and zen.

This design boosts open vision, provides more space, and more light. It makes the house wider and facilitates connection between its residents. It also allows you to welcome your visitors and discuss with them while cooking and serving, at the very same time. It is a great option to consider for mothers with younger children they need to monitor around the clock.

It also facilitates the transfer of meals from the kitchen to the dining room table, as the two spaces are connected.

All these reasons led to the spread of the open floor plan. Its techniques and designs became essential in the most luxurious modern houses today.

When applying this decoration, vent ducts and external fans to expel smoke outside can be used. The allocation of a special table in the middle of the kitchen for separation between the food preparation and the guests can be done. Columns, mini-blinds and beautiful decorations can also be used to draw attention away from any noise that can occur when cooking food.

The open floor plan is not a new “fad” as some may think. It is a practical solution that makes sense in today’s busy world. It might as well become the new definition of a “cozy home”.