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Life After Retirement - From Working for Money to Working for Your Happiness

BEIRUTJune 18, 2017

Some people look forward to their retirement while others dread it. Retirement doesn’t mean that life stops but only that it continues at a more relaxed pace which you have more control over. Here are some tips and tricks to enjoy your well deserved break from work.


1) Sleep-in

Nothing is better than turning off your alarms in the morning and enjoying extra

hours of sleep. Sleeping is the best way to relax and refresh for your day, whether it is sleeping-in in the morning or taking a nice long nap in the afternoon.


2) Spend Time with Kids

If you miss the spirit and fun that you used to have as a kid, then just hang out with some children. They will take you back to the old days when you used to use your imagination to have fun and lose the ‘etiquette’ to socialize. The best thing is that when you are spending time with your grandkids, you can just give them back to their parents when they become too much to handle: The perks of being a grandparent.


3) Learn or Resume a Hobby

Learning or catching up on a new or existing hobby is one of the best ways to stay active and immerse yourself in something you enjoy. From cooking or playing chess to learning a new language, a hobby will spice up your life. If you don’t know what your hobby is, no worries! This is the best time to try as many as you want until you pick the one(s) you enjoy.


4) Pay Attention to Your Health: Mental and Physical

It is important as one gets older to remain physical and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether that is through taking an aerobics class or merely walking around the neighborhood, being active is the key. However, the brain is as important as the body. One should also take care of their mental health which can be through reading the newspaper, playing Sudoku, or even taking a seniors class at one of the universities that offer these programs.


5) Travel

If you have a sense of adventure, then this tip is the one for you. Travelling can be a great way to expand your horizons and discover new cultures and societies first hand. Whether locally or internationally, by airplane or by car, travelling can be your go to project. You can even document your trips and start a blog!