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Keeping Ashrafieh Green and Vivid

BEIRUTMay 16, 2017

Keeping Ashrafieh Green and Vivid

Through the rush and the chaos Beiruties face every day, we tend to neglect our surroundings, looking at the clock ticking while we sit in traffic or admiring our coffees while our mails are loading. We get sucked up in our own bubbles that we forget our beautiful little country and the potential it has.

Ashrafieh, one of the oldest districts in Beirut, is to many, a gem in its own. Growing up in its schools and neighborhoods, you can’t help yourself not falling in love with its never sleeping streets or the “so close to each other buildings that you can see and hear your neighbors while you are trying to focus on your math exercise”.

However, falling in love with Ashrafieh is not really doing it a favor, its increasing population is pushing it to the brink, but what we can do, is try as hard as we can to preserve this gem. Here are a few tips to preserve a green and vivid Ashrafieh:

  • As obvious as it is, some people still don’t do it. As easy as it is, it’s still a hoax to others: Don’t throw your trash on the floor. Even if we have a crisis, even if there’s no place, please don’t throw your little chewing gum or small butt cigarettes on the floor. Those little items thrown over and over again accumulate and create a trashy street. 
  • Think before you buy/ use anything. Is the straw in my drink really necessary? Do I really need that extra plastic bag? Instead of using many plastic bags at the supermarket, how about bringing your own grocery bag?
  • Buy eco-friendly items. Using sustainable products and not one-time-use items really helps your planet. Invest in long lasting products that can be washed and reused and if you have the need to buy them, try to find products that easily decompose.
  • Car pool or better yet, use a bike or walk. Today one household has more than three cars and nothing’s wrong with that. However going to the same place or same region in different cars is a problem. Even if you have to wake up earlier or take the long road. Make an effort. Traffic in Lebanon is becoming unbearable and opting for car-pooling can benefit the planet and your city extensively. Also going to the supermarket one block away doesn’t need a car. Walk or use a bike if you can, it has tremendous health improvements as well as it helps your city.

Remember: One individual can have a tremendous impact invest in yourself and your abilities to save the planet.