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It's Time to be Fair to Nature

February 2, 2017

The good life is not an easy thing to achieve. But living in harmony with our natural  environment should be one of our main objectives, especially in a world that's facing serious environmental threats.

Environmental aspects and considerations are to be built-in in the design of architectural buildings, due to their significant impact on our daily lives, our health, and our environment.

Internal pollution stems from many sources, from the harmful materials one might use to create a building, to the high volatility of moisture and dryness in the air. Other sources of pollution include: increased cations, acoustic pollution, gases resulting from fuel combustion, use of different chemicals for internal cleaning, chemicals used for plants, and tobacco smoke.

The environmental design is concerned with creating environmentally friendly buildings that do not harm the ecosystem. An environmental building is designed to maintain comfort and health at once. It doesn't cause a waste of energy, but rather regenerates it. It contributes to reduce maintenance and running costs. And it focuses on the objective of creating harmony between the house, the residents’ health, and the environmental sustainability.

The technicalities of an environmentally friendly design:

The general objectives of environmental design are the use of eco-friendly building materials that are harmless to human and natural ecosystems; and ensuring the flexibility of the building structure and components to accommodate possible changes in the foreseeable future.

In addition, the building should provide a permanent system to save energy, such as thermal insulation and natural lighting, the use of the technical inventions such as the solar plates and the heat reduction tools, and the use of materials that can be recycled and reused in case of demolition the building.

Greeneries are used in the environmental design as well, for they contribute in the cooling of buildings, in the solar radiation reduction by shading the building, and in the reducing of environmental pollutants by absorbing toxic substances.

Since human kind has peered into the world and scooted towards modern technologies, it has devastated nature. It is time to be fair to nature. It is time to create a healthy atmosphere to live in and find ourselves a part of the natural ecosystem again.