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Interior Colours and Mood

BEIRUTMarch 3, 2017

Ever wondered if the colors you use to decorate your home could affect your mood?


Colors have a psychological and spiritual impact on humans. Per many studies in psychology, there is a confirmed relationship between colors and our different moods, and behavior also, sometimes. Can you imagine that, for thousands of years, humans have used different sets of colors to decorate their houses and paint the surrounding walls, without being aware that those colors may affect their temperament?


We gathered for you some colors and their respective impacts on peoples moods; let's discover them together:



The color red represents vigor, vitality, will, and determination. It prevents the monotony of daily concerns, gives the feel of warmth and the sense of joy and beauty. This color helps in getting rid of laziness, fatigue and stress.



Purple signifies dignity, tenderness, and fidelity. It generally has a calming effect and relaxes the nerves.



Pink is a symbol of harmony, calmness, joy, generosity, and the beautiful life. It strengthens emotions between spouses, and creates emotional bonds. Pink is a good color for bedrooms as it creates a romantic atmosphere.



The white color appeases the soul, and suggests stability, peace, and optimism. This color has a powerful influence on the feelings of tranquility and reassurance. If you are in a position that leads to anger, try looking at anything white for 3 to 5 minutes and you will find that your anger will subside.



Black symbolizes power, passion, strength, sophistication, and gives a sense of majesty.



Indigo works on reviving the state of meditation and brainstorming. For example, if you're in a business meeting or studying, focusing a little bit on this color will promote thinking and creativity.



Blue symbolizes calm, optimism, and happiness. It helps relieving tension and nervousness. It creates a sense of psychological and moral calm and stability.



Green is a symbol of compassion, moderation, goodness, and blessings. It gives strength, energy, and optimism for the future. It does alleviate fatigue in general and gives comfort and self-confidence. It keeps away frustration and depression.


Midnight Blue:

Midnight blue is considered the color of the universe. It indicates survival and power. Its use symbolizes excellence and strength in humans.



Brilliant brown signifies truth, planning and order. It symbolizes strength.



Gray color symbolizes elegance and formality. Its use indicates responsibility and maturity.



Bright light yellow suggests intelligence, tenderness, fun, and cheerfulness. It indicates cooperation, collective living, and intellectual serenity.



Orange indicates good mood, and spiritual content. This color increases self-confidence, and the spirit of happiness and joy. Orange stimulates mental activity and promotes enthusiasm and a sense of creativity. It keeps away all melancholic emotions.


This being said, we’re convinced that all colors are beautiful. Bring them into your life, and into your home… and stay blessed with a good mood!