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Home Alone? Here are Ways you can Kill Time Productively!!

January 31, 2017

Well, we all find ourselves home alone, and pretty bored sometimes. This is why it is important to learn to invest these hours in something interesting and productive. And what can be more productive than investing in ourselves?


Below are five ways you can kill “alone” time in a productive way, that also doubles as an “inner growth” strategy:


  • Read: And no, we do not mean pick a book and just “read”. We mean get yourself a glass of good wine, maybe a bar of fancy chocolate; and then a book and “read”. Your selection of books in this case should contain interesting engaging books such as self help books and socially cynical books, that can get you to reflect on yourself or even laugh a little.


  • Pamper yourself: Yes! And make sure you always have the tools to do so, handy. Light up a few candles, fill up the bubble bath, prepare a cosmo or a good bottle of wine, put on some relaxing music and turn off the lights… Relax, and use these couple of hours to reflect.


  • Turn it into a movie outing, alone!  Rent or order a movie you’ve been intending to watch, prepare some flavored popcorn and nachos; and don’t call your friends. Avoid horror and paranormal movies if you are totally home alone though!


  • Take yourself on a cooking trip to the kitchen! Some people find it very relaxing to lock themselves in the kitchen, listen to music while cooking. Use this in order to prepare healthy food for several days to come. Hint: Having a big fridge is a plus to freeze the food!


  • Go on a date with yourself. Yes! Pick a fancy restaurant, pub or movie theater with all the frills; and date yourself! After all, you should be able to enjoy your company.