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Good Spaces at Ciel et Jardin

BEIRUTNovember 22, 2017

There are so many benefits to living a life without walls, both the walls you put up between yourself and other people… or the walls you put up between your living room and your kitchen.

While most people love to pick out colors and finishes, they neglect the first step to transforming your space planning. When done right, it can produce a finished room that feels larger and performs more efficiently.

We want to walk you through the history of the creation of an open space ‘studio’. This type of an apartment became very popular because of the economical situation in the 1880s.

During this transformation in the world of interior architecture, the small public rooms of the home began to be replaced by larger rooms that would fulfill multiple uses. These larger rooms were made possible by technological advancement of the time, such as centralized heating and conditioning that allowed larger spaces to be kept at comfortable temperatures.

These open spaces revolve around the idea that the removal of interior walls increases the ease of sight and natural light, as it allows sunlight from windows in the exterior walls to soak throughout the house.

For those of you that are looking for a few tips on how to open up your living space, there you go:

1- Merge two rooms into one by opening a shared wall to create a framed opening.

2- Let there be light: Increase the size of existing windows or place them adjacent to perpendicular walls and ceilings.

If you’re not looking to renovate your current space, save yourselves the hassle and check out Ciel et Jardin! Ciel et Jardin offers you a bright and spacious apartment which has been designed to fit the modern lifestyle with its clean lines and warm soft use of natural light.