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Four Reasons Why the Kitchen is the Most Important Room in the House

BEIRUTMarch 9, 2017

The kitchen! It is this one room that takes forever to be designed. Well of course... Considering all those appliances and electrical maps, as well as all external connections and items that can simply blow up at any moment!


The kitchen today, especially in open space houses; is without any doubt the most important room of the house. The more open the design, the more crucial becomes the kitchen from both perspectives: aesthetic and functional.


Below are four reasons why you should be investing in a perfect kitchen for your new house:


Chances are, you will be starting your day in the kitchen, at least mid-week; and who wouldn't want to start their days in a gorgeous kitchen with their coffee and a view.


Whether you have kids or not; a lot of time will be invested working in the kitchen, this is why it better be well lit, beautifully designed and a music outlet there won't hurt as well.


In an open space house, your kitchen will double as your American bar and casual dining room as well. This is why, you should be making sure it is practical, multifunctional and beautiful to look at from every other room as well.


Crafty children in the house? Any kind of crafts kids love to do will be probably outsourced to the kitchen! So an additional requirement is for the kitchen to be kids friendly and easy to clean.


A kitchen, is the heart of the house! Whether for the man, his wife and the kids; this particular room doubles as four or five rooms at once. This is why, and for all the previously mentioned reasons; remind your interior architect to take into consideration all the uses of the kitchen before finalizing your home!