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Five Reasons Why We Totally Love Beirut

January 7, 2017

Beirut is this one city that never dies! Our city, is one that had been through a lot, yet, emerged after all the drama with a smiling face, that's forever ready for a new era of glory!

We have countless reasons to love our Beirut; and needless to say, this is why we chose to rise in its heart "Achrafieh" in these challenging time, despite it all. Here are our main five reasons why B-City is the dearest to our hearts:

  1. The way people communicate: And we're not talking about the expats or the foreigners. We're talking about the Beirutis, and the way they use over 4 languages and a million gesture to talk to each other.
  2. The history: Around every corner, Beirut presents a different story from a different era! Reason for which it is ancient and modern, nostalgic and forever young at once!
  3. The food: Here too, we are not only talking about Lebanese food, which is divine! But about the fusion of cultures which means that cuisines from all over the world can be found in every street of the city.
  4. The vibrant nightlife: Beirut is that vampiric city that comes to life by night! Club and pubs from Hamra to Gemmayze, Downtown, Mar Mikhael and Badaro light up the night; and make sure both Lebanese and foreigners are entertained until the morning lights.
  5. The soul: And this is one factor we cannot really explain; but Beirut has this je ne sais quoi. This soul in the air that makes the city feel human, real and emotional. This charge of emotions that brings Beirut to life.