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A Family Day in Ashrafieh

BEIRUTJune 21, 2017

In Lebanon we pride ourselves in our family connections. From a young age we are taught that Sunday is family day: that special day of the week when families usually spend time with each other. Hence, what better way to strengthen these family ties and enjoy your weekend than by going out with your family?  Here are a few family-friendly places in Ashrafieh that you can visit :


In most cases, having fun and having a good time means that food is involved. Here is a list of a few restaurants that you can head over to with your family and enjoy a nice meal together: Chillies, Roadster Diner, Zaatar w Zeit, Deek Duke, Classic Burger Joint, and Tawlet. For dessert, you can head over to Pinkberry or Dip n Dip (for a seated experience).


If you happen to have kids and you want them to play games and be physically active, you can head over to I-Play in ABC where your kids can do activities like climbing walls, playing in rope courses, and making arts and crafts.


As for a great place where family members of all ages can hang out, there is the movie theatre. There is nothing better than grabbing a bucket of popcorn and enjoying a movie with the family. It is a great conversation starter, especially if not everyone ended up liking the movie. Ashrafieh has 3 movie theatres : one is Grand Cinemas in ABC Achrafieh Mall; another one is in Sodeco Square; and the third, (more about "cinema d'art et d'essai") is Metropolis Cinema in Centre Sofil.

When the sun is out and the sky is clear (and when it's not too hot!), you can even visit one of the many gardens in Ashrafieh and spend some time in the outdoors.

Last but not least, If you and your family happen to enjoy cultural expeditions, you can visit the Nicolas Sursock Museum, USJ Prehistoric Museum and the Mim Museum. From art and artifacts to mineral collections, discover the wide range of historical valuables right here in Ashrafieh.