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Do You Know Your Food Says a Lot About You?!

January 21, 2017

Food is one major important part of our life! At that, it is definitely an important part of the life of a Beirut resident!

The thing is, food is an important part of everything in our culture, we celebrate with food, seek better places to have food, think about our food day to day and also seek to control our food. Oh and then come the social gatherings and hosting where we seek to impress with food.

Psychologically, choices of food are never random! It's new to everyone, but apparently, the  choice of food can say a lot about people!

People who are very selective with food; are also a little too selective with everything else and have troubles blending in.

People who do not discriminate are often very easy going; but also tend to be chaotic.

People who have regular venues and platters, also have a fear of change but also tend to be very emotional.

People who like to try every single new venue have high levels of FOMO (fear of missing out) but also tend to be outgoing and fun.

People who are moderate with their choices in general, tend to have a good balance and life, as well as low stress levels.


-And finally, people who adhere to strict culinary rules; tend to be either moody on one end, or prone to radical schools of thought on the other.


So do you know what your food is actually saying about you?!