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Culture within your grasp

BEIRUTSeptember 29, 2017

Have you been craving culture? Fear not! For those of you who have decided to live at Ciel et Jardin, you definitely made the right choice seeing that the Ashrafieh area is a cultural hub.

There are multiple international cultural centers; Germany, Brazil and Great Britain have set there cultural headquarters in the neighborhood.
The Goethe Institute recently opened their new office in Gemmayze, the British Council moved to Sodeco a few months ago, and the Libano Brazil Cultural Center has been installed in Mar Mitr for a few years now.

All of these places are more than gathering spaces for their respective citizens living in Lebanon. They are cultural spots, where you can often enjoy exhibitions, a choice of books, and that organize different kinds of festivals during the year.
Following them on their Facebook pages will surely allow you to get your daily dose of cultural info.

If you love “art house” cinema, then the Metropolis movie theater will become your favorite spot to hang out. Located in Sofil, it hosts several cinema festivals all year round. Old, traditional machines such as ancient camera, projectors or lighting systems are set in the entrance hall of the theater, making it a really lovely place to spend a moment with friends. Their website features all you need to know about their program.

In Sodeco, at the crossroad of Independence Avenue and Damascus Street, you can find the Yellow House. This beautiful building, now named Beit Beirut, was severely damaged during the civil war, it was recently rehabilitated into a museum and urban cultural center. You should pass by, and check the program of exhibitions.

Yes, if you love culture, living at Ciel et Jardin is definitely a good choice.