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Contrasting Moods ... Contrasting Rooms

BEIRUTMarch 26, 2017

We've talked a lot before on how home decor can affect a person's mood and behavior. In a previous article on this blog; we actually indicated which colors are to use for different types of mood.

But have you ever thought about mood shifts and mood swings?? As normal people, we tend to be slightly moody. And as residents of lovely Beirut, oh we tend to be way too moody! Outside circumstances such as traffic, work problems and other negative vibes can take us down. All while positive vibes, energetic days, and good news can pull us back up!

In this respect; home decor can help us cater to our different moods at different times of the day! The keyword here is "contrast". Yes, contrast!

Anger, depression, energy and inspiration are the perfect four keys to handle our choices in home decor and consequently; our moods! How? Below is the logic behind each emotion:

  • Anger is this one emotion we can never escape; whether irritated or seriously angry; we all need a room that can counter balance this destructive emotion. The kitchen maybe? In super light colors and a lot of sunlight!
  • Depression is another negative emotion, that needs to be counterbalanced in a room with a lot of positive vibes! Fung Shui, a lot of berry colors, greens and sunlight; preferably outdoors or with a view is the answer.
  • Energetic times are the most perfect for happy human connection! And for these, nothing caters better than a living room in a bright red, orange or royal blue color.
  • Inspiration is one mood that needs to be available in the homes of people with creative careers; this is why a room of "brainstorming" with a lot of dreamy blues, shadowy grays and some water elements like a huge aquarium can become a homemade heaven!

All in all; every home needs to be designed and decorated in a way that caters to several tastes; but most importantly, to the several forecasted mood swings!