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Ciel et Jardin Lively Neighborhood and The Good Life

December 2, 2016

When we think of Ciel et Jardin neighborhood in Achrafieh, we find that it has many advantages for housing and fulfilling the social and economic needs of families and households.


In a quick glance, we can notice that the neighborhood offers residents all the necessary facilities. There is modern specialized hospitals that provide health services and bestow a sense of security to the neighborhood; such as Hotel Dieu Hospital and Rizk Hospital. We can find schools and nurseries, to meet the different educational needs of children like Nazareth School and Collège des Saints-Cœurs-Sioufi. And we can also find specialized libraries to compliment schooling with educational entertainment; such as Librairie Antoine and Librairie Stephan.


The area has also several daily markets to serve residents and provide basic services;  such as Spinneys and Monoprix. Big shopping centers like the ABC Mall and Sodeco Square, that also include entertainment areas and cinemas, are also available. Restaurants that offer different cuisines (Arabic, American, Armenian, Italian....), are on every street.


Moreover, the neighborhood has top banks, places of worship and different governmental institutions.


The project is amidst a lively area, and is easily accessible from any direction. Ciel et Jardin has modern planning that facilitates pedestrian movement, disintermediates dangerous intersections, and keeps away from traffic. It provides green landscaping and private gardens between spaces which allows resident to practice various exercises and get acquainted with each other.  


The good quality of the residential environment is an indication of a good quality of life, and this really what characterizes Ciel et Jardin.