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BEIRUT | November 22, 2017
There are so many benefits to living a life without walls, both the walls you put up between yourself and other people… or the walls you put up...Read More
BEIRUT | November 13, 2017
Any walk is great because the key is you're on your feet and moving!As we near the end of the fall season, some of you may already be running out of...Read More
BEIRUT | October 9, 2017
As the cold and blustery weather returns to Beirut after several days of extreme summer weather… There is something to be said for a big, sunny slice...Read More
BEIRUT | October 4, 2017
One of the best things about Ashrafieh, is that the neighborhood hosts a number of public green spaces.Sioufi Garden has a spectacular view that you...Read More
BEIRUT | September 29, 2017
Have you been craving culture? Fear not! For those of you who have decided to live at Ciel et Jardin, you definitely made the right choice seeing...Read More
BEIRUT | September 4, 2017
Scared of being stuck in the car with your kids? Terrified of those anger tantrums, juice spillages, and whine crazes that happen while you are...Read More
BEIRUT | August 26, 2017
Listen up all you coffee lovers out there, this one is for you. Are you bored of that regular cup of coffee you have everyday? Do you want to spice...Read More
BEIRUT | August 4, 2017
Exercising doesn’t only mean going to the gym! You can carry on with your daily routines and get in your daily workout, all at the same time. You...Read More
BEIRUT | July 28, 2017
Ashrafieh is one of the pet-friendliest neighborhoods in Lebanon. You and your pet will be well taken care of, if you decide to move to this lovely...Read More
July 20, 2017
It’s summer time! The sun is out, the water is clear, and it’s time to enjoy the season to the fullest. That is why, you don’t want to get sick in a...Read More
BEIRUT | July 13, 2017
Ever wondered what the benefits of laughter are? Everyone, well at least most people, have laughed at one point in their lives. It doesn’t matter if...Read More
July 4, 2017
Have you ever felt the need to just sit back and relax at home? Are you bored of the same old regular outings that you go on looking to have some fun...Read More
June 28, 2017
This summer cities all across Lebanon are hosting festivals that you shouldn’t miss! The festivities are being held all over Lebanon in cities like...Read More
BEIRUT | June 21, 2017
In Lebanon we pride ourselves in our family connections. From a young age we are taught that Sunday is family day: that special day of the week when...Read More
BEIRUT | June 18, 2017
Some people look forward to their retirement while others dread it. Retirement doesn’t mean that life stops but only that it continues at a more...Read More
BEIRUT | June 13, 2017
New parents are often overwhelmed and unsure of how to prepare for the newest member of their family. It is scary enough to be responsible for a new...Read More
June 5, 2017
It is a nice summer morning and you just woke up. You feel like making a nice big “eggy” breakfast for your family, but you’re not sure if the eggs...Read More
BEIRUT | May 25, 2017
Contrary to believes, some of Beirut’s new emerging buildings are not creating pollution or ruining the green scenery of an already damaged city....Read More
BEIRUT | May 16, 2017
Keeping Ashrafieh Green and VividThrough the rush and the chaos Beiruties face every day, we tend to neglect our surroundings, looking at the clock...Read More
BEIRUT | May 11, 2017
The urge of living a life that is safeguarded and secure triumphs over all other objectives. We all want our family and loved ones to be shielded and...Read More
BEIRUT | April 30, 2017
While it may seem complicated and sophisticated to cultivate an indoor garden, it really is as simple as planting outdoors. In addition, Indoor...Read More
BEIRUT | April 9, 2017
Talking about deco trends… Did you know that the flagship color this season is a beautiful shade of green, named Greenery ? Well, that’s great...Read More
BEIRUT | March 30, 2017
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than five persons in ten live today in urban areas and this number will increase to seven...Read More
beirut | March 29, 2017
In the mountains, on the beach, from your balcony, on a yacht while anchoring, in front of a tent camping in the forest, sunsets are everywhere....Read More
BEIRUT | March 28, 2017
Nowadays, with the hectic life we live in, as parents, we barely have time to spend beautiful moments with our kids or take them out for outdoor...Read More
BEIRUT | March 26, 2017
We've talked a lot before on how home decor can affect a person's mood and behavior. In a previous article on this blog; we actually indicated which...Read More
BEIRUT | March 9, 2017
The kitchen! It is this one room that takes forever to be designed. Well of course... Considering all those appliances and electrical maps, as well...Read More
BEIRUT | March 3, 2017
Ever wondered if the colors you use to decorate your home could affect your mood? Colors have a psychological and spiritual impact on humans....Read More
February 28, 2017
Historical dimensions of architectural masterpieces incorporate two facts: The first is  seeing history through architectural masterpieces; and...Read More
February 25, 2017
One of the most brilliant designs and divisions for modern home interiors is the open floor plan. It is defined as opening the space between the...Read More
February 20, 2017
There is no doubt that yoga is a trend that' being followed in most parts of the world, due to its significant health benefits for the body and mind....Read More
February 10, 2017
Interior design is the art of taking care of a space internally,  while taking all its dimensions into consideration; in a way that makes the...Read More
February 2, 2017
The good life is not an easy thing to achieve. But living in harmony with our natural  environment should be one of our main objectives,...Read More
January 31, 2017
Well, we all find ourselves home alone, and pretty bored sometimes. This is why it is important to learn to invest these hours in something...Read More
January 28, 2017
A lot of us love travelling; all types of travelling. Some of us travel for leisure, culture, and luxurious tourism. And some other like more wild...Read More
January 21, 2017
Food is one major important part of our life! At that, it is definitely an important part of the life of a Beirut resident!The thing is, food is...Read More
January 14, 2017
Stress today is the number one problem of most people, the one evil that keeps us from enjoying our daily life.We know what stresses people the most...Read More
January 7, 2017
Beirut is this one city that never dies! Our city, is one that had been through a lot, yet, emerged after all the drama with a smiling face, that's...Read More
December 30, 2016
Are you considering owning a pet in your house?  In this article, we will help you approach the actual world of owning pets, and asking the...Read More
December 15, 2016
Water is the essence of life. It covers 70% of the planet. Yet, we are suffering from a water shortage, which is becoming more  alarming by the...Read More
December 10, 2016
Getting ready for work and performing daily rituals can result in an overall feeling of boredom, and restlessness; which can adversely affect your...Read More
December 2, 2016
When we think of Ciel et Jardin neighborhood in Achrafieh, we find that it has many advantages for housing and fulfilling the social and economic...Read More
November 25, 2016
With the arrival of cold, our need to feel warm increases dramatically. As a yearly ritual, several automatic winter processes take place, which we...Read More
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